What happens if a person has too much of a hormone?

Answer Hormones are biochemicals the body produces that regulate everything from mood, to physical growth spurts to preparing for flight or fight responses. If you have too much of a hormone your body mi... Read More »

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What happens if a person swallow a roach?

What Happens to Debts of a Deceased Person?

When a person dies, his or her financial obligations do not simply vanish. Parties owed money by the deceased may continue to seek repayment under certain circumstances. If the deceased has left ... Read More »

What happens to the debt of a deceased person?

Debts owed by the newly dead do not disappear; they must be satisfied by the deceased person's estate. Even a family home left behind by the deceased is fair game to creditors, which can force the ... Read More »

What happens when a person violates a visa?

Visa violations happen in different ways. Being involved in a crime, overstaying a visa, working or going to school without the proper visa are all visa violations. These visa violations can be pun... Read More »