What happens if a new car has a defect not detected before delivery?

Answer If a new car has a defect and it is not found during an inspection before delivery, the dealership is responsible for the damage. In some cases, the dealership can bill the damage to the shipping c... Read More »

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If an underdeveloped nose is detected at the seventeen week scan does this mean definite birth abnormality or defect?

What Is a Patent Defect?

A patent defect describes a flaw that is noticeable upon visual inspection. This legal term is often used in contrast with a "latent" defect, which points to a problem detected later in time and no... Read More »

ASD heart defect 10 points?

Hello,There are two types of ASD, the "secundun" and "primum" types. Presumably you have the ostium secundum type, which presents later and is the less serious.Without wanting to minimise your pro... Read More »

Would you let go of a birth defect baby?

I have and 11, 8 and 2 year old. If if i found out that I was in this situation I would terminate the pregnancy immediately. Sounds awful but let me explain that my 8 year had brain damage before b... Read More »