What happens if a live wire comes loose from an electrical outlet?

Answer Electrical outlets fit into electrical boxes. When the outlet is pushed into the box the wires have to bend and become bunched up. Over time the wires might disconnect from the outlet if they are n... Read More »

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Braces wire is loose?

You need to get in as soon as you can longer you wait longer you have them on

How to Temporarily Fix a Loose Wire on Your Braces?

How to fix that stubborn loose wire on your braces until your orthodontist can fix it.

Is line wire also called live wire?

Line is the left hole of an outlet. Neutral is the right, and ground is the upside-down semicircle. A live wire is a wire with current flowing through it. Because neutral doesn't have any current i... Read More »

What is it like to live foot loose and fancy free?