What happens if a baby is born without a soft spot?

Answer I was born without a soft spot. If they had not performed surgery when they had my brain wouldn't not have had room to grow. This then causes many issues. The Brain would continue growing without r... Read More »

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When Chinese babies are born do they have a soft spot?

Is it ok for a 3 week baby to wear a bow on her soft spot?

When does a baby not need a soft spot on their head?

Soft spots, or fontanelles, are spaces in the skull that have not matured into bone yet. They allow the baby's brain to grow and make the skull more flexible so the baby can move down the birth can... Read More »

What happens if a new born baby eat fries?

Incomplete question but I know this .A newborn has not developed the ability to eat solid foods.IE no teeth to chew and not accustomed to swallowing solids, only liquids. I think you would know if ... Read More »