What happens if a 25 year old has sex with a 14 year old?

Answer The 25-year-old goes to prison for statutory rape because the law does not give a 14-year-old the right to consent.

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What happens if you do not complete a year of Calculus before Junior year while being a 4 year scholarship winner for NROTC?

Yes, there is my friend who lives in Hawaii talks about JROTC and ROTC all the time.

What happens after the 3 year plan with an iPhone so does a person have to return the phone back or can keep it and get another plan and is the 3 year plan just a rental cost or is it permanent?

What happens when a 14 year old boy gets 17 year old pregnant?

Often this could lead to arrests, in this case it's likely that the girl, who is much older than the boy would be arrested for child abuse.The boy becomes a man as a father and a husband.

What happens to the 18 year old gets 15 year old pregnant in ny?