What happens if I put a video on Youtube but delete it off my PC?

Answer You are uploading the video to their servers. All videos viewed are viewed from YouTube's servers. Otherwise, videos would be inaccessible if the poster's computer were shut off.

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If a delete a video from YouTube will that take away from my video views?

No no absolutely nodeleting a video will have no effect on ur total channel views. it will only delete the video (that means that specific video will not get further views) but in ur channel the to... Read More »

How to delete a youtube video?

In Video Manager, check the box next to the video. Then click on Actions and look for the delete option.Make sure the new video you upload has a different file name so that YouTube doesn't get con... Read More »

How can I delete a video from MyFavorites on YouTube?

Go to your favorites and put a check on the ones you want to delete then press delete. TA-DA

How to delete a video from my YouTube account!?

Login to first, thengoto: videos will show up.Tick the video you want to delete.In ACTIONS tab, select DELETE