What happens if I push THIS button?

Answer The whole word turns florescent pink.

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You have a sentry really big universal remote model no rmc-10 you have a haier tv and you program with the code for that tv but when push a button it does not response to the right button example when?

How to Play the Game "Push the Button"?

You might have heard of the game "Push the Button". This is a game very similar to M.A.S.H or a cootie catcher. Here is what to do to make one, and how to play. Have fun!

Who invented push-button phones?

American industrial designer Henry Dreyfus is credited with invented the slide switch/push button telephone. The first one was known as the Princess 711B, and it did not have a "*" key or a "#" ke... Read More »

When were push-button phones invented?

The first push button or touch-tone phone was invented in 1963 by Western Electric. The phone featured 10 push buttons that replaced the rotary dial. Later a 12 button model, which had the "*" and ... Read More »