What happens if I marry while I am receiving social security disability?

Answer What happens if I marry while I am receiving social security disabilty

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What Happens If You Work While Waiting for Social Security Disability?

Social Security Disability is an income supplement or replacement provided by the federal government for those who meet the requirements of being disabled. In general, when you apply for Social Sec... Read More »

Can I Receive disability social security after receiving social security?

Once you reach retirement age, your Social Security Disability benefits convert to regular retirement benefits, payable at the same rate. You cannot collect an additional amount due to disability. ... Read More »

Can you work after receiving Social Security Disability Benefits?

Yes, check with your local office for the limits as they are different in each state and or country. There are limits to your earnings before the earnings effect your benifits.

Social Security Disability application asked me if I am receiving public disability benefit and Im wondering if WEA Trust LTD is a public disability benefit?

Answer WEA Trust LTD is private, long-term disability insurance you receive through your employment through a Wisconsin school district that has a group LTD plan with WEA Trust. It is not a public ... Read More »