What happens if I do not dissolve the gelatin first (cheesecake)?

Answer The gelatin would not reach the full content of the cake, and thus the entire cheese cake would not set properly. In fact, some of the crystals would probably not dissolve at all so your cheesecake... Read More »

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How much knox gelatin is equal to 1 package flavored gelatin?

Both one envelope Knox unflavored gelatin (about 1/4 oz. or 1 tbsp.) and one small package of flavored gelatin contain enough gelatin to set two cups of liquid. The rest of the flavored gelatin's b... Read More »

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What's better, Junior's cheesecake in BK or The Cheesecake factory?

The Cheesecake Factory of course, they use real ingredients while BK cheesecake is good, but they use "artificial" ingredients. You can taste the difference when sampling both. The Cheesecake Facto... Read More »

Which do you like better as a dessert - fresh mango cheesecake or fresh blueberry cheesecake?

no thanks to either..I'll just have coffee