What happens if I block someone on Skype 10 points?

Answer yes he can see the conversation but will not see you whenever you are online. you will always appear offline to him and he will not even know that you have blocked him.I need my 10 points please!

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* He can not view your profile unless you unblock him.* He can read the old conversion history (Old Messages) between both of you if he/she has Skype conversation history activated.

How do I block Skype?

Blocking Applications on Your ComputerOpen up the Start Menu, then click Control Panel. This could vary depending on the OS system that you use. Click the Parental Controls icon in the Control Pan... Read More »

What happens if you block someone on Skype?

They do not know that they have been blocked by you.Yes, you are offline to them contact list.If you simply block them, they cant chat or call your skype.Regards,

How to Block a Contact on Skype?

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