What happens during labor?

Answer The first stage of the birth process is called Labor, triggered by the hormone oxytocin. The muscular walls of the uterus starts to contract. The pressure breaks the amniotic sac, releasing the amn... Read More »

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What happens during labor contractions?

During a contraction, the infant experiences intense pressure that pushes it against the cervix, eventually forcing the cervix to stretch open. At the same time, the contractions cause the cervix t... Read More »

What happens during the second stage of labor?

Is it detectable during labor and after giving birth that you smoked weed during your pregnancy?

YES it is detectable and you can even tell without any tests you want to know why??? Because it affects your baby mentally and physically and in the future emotionally!!!!

What Happens in Pre-Labor?

There are many stages to labor, and it can be confusing knowing which stage you are experiencing. Pre-labor is a set of physiological changes that indicate the body is preparing for the birth of yo... Read More »