What happens during and after a coma?

Answer Well, brain injury really attributes to coma's and the states included in them. Head injury is normally external damage, whereas brain injury causes the coma. A coma is a state of unconsciousness... Read More »

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Question about coma and risk in returning to a coma?

I don't know all that much about comas specifically, but medical situations do tend to repeat themselves, especially where chronic illness is present.Our bodies all have their own fingerprints of w... Read More »

Have you ever been in a coma?

I was in an induced coma for 4 weeks.It just felt like a long sleep where I had dreams. In my dreams, I was travelling a lot - which coincided with "the real world" when I would be moved regularly... Read More »

How to get into a coma?

Going into a coma(though I have No experience) is like having a dream and not waking up. It is a shame because very few people remember much of their dreams. Dreams have no history.

Why is Delko in a coma?

It's a Remington,I' m not sure which model,but it' s certainly noiseless and portable.