What happens at a jewish funeral service?

Answer In Judaism, the act of burying the dead in a respectful way is considered one of the most loving traditions, because the deceased can never repay the favor; funerals are completely selfless good de... Read More »

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What happens at a christian funeral service?

The death of a loved one often leaves us feeling bewildered, so it's best to know their wishes beforehand. If not, many Christians write funeral details in their Bible. Once you know their desires,... Read More »

How to Behave at a Jewish Funeral?

If you're not Jewish, you need to learn how Jewish funerals work, and how to be on your best behavior. Here's what you need to know.

Flowers for a Jewish Funeral?

According to the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism in New York, Jewish tradition teaches that Jewish funeral rites are both scared and simple. Jews are typically not embalmed and are usually... Read More »

Are flowers inappropriate to send for a jewish funeral?

On One Hand: Flowers Are Not Usually AcceptableJewish funerals and mourning practices are distinguished by their simplicity. People do not usually send flowers. In addition, embalming and cosmetics... Read More »