What happens at a dog show?

Answer Dog shows, also called conformation events, allow purebred dogs to compete in an elimination system for the title of "Best of Show." Conformation events are recognized by registries such as the Ame... Read More »

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What happens in final show of prison break?

Season 4 is already out on DVD. I got my copy from JB HiFi for $69.99.

What happens on the last episode of the TV show The Odd Couple?

On the TV show Heroes What happens if you kill Linderman?

The Doctor tried to phone Sir Alistair Lethbridge Stewart. "The Brigadier" From his days as a UNIT advisor. The Brigadier made a brief appearance in The Sarah- Jane Adventures, helping to access a ... Read More »

What happens if the non custodial parent doesn't show up for his visitation?

You go to the court and file a violation of a court order. You will both be served the petition and have to go back to court and that's when you explain to the judge he hasn't been showing, and the... Read More »