What happens @ an annual physical examination for a girl?

Answer you don't need to know since you are a guy. That stuff is private

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Is it better to get a annual physical on your old health plan or wait to get the physical on your new job's health plan In case they find anything wrong?

Answer I think it's terrible that people even ask this kind of a question. Your health is YOUR concern and decisions shouldn't be left to insurance companies.In CA under AB 1672 employer groups b... Read More »

What os the V-code for an annual physical exam?

V70.0- general annual physical. V70.3 Physical to complete drivers license/ school or sports physicals. V70.5 for employment physicals.

What is the Annual Income of a Physical Therapist?

Physical therapists are important members of the health care community. These professionals treat individuals from newborns to the elderly who have movement limiting conditions, injuries or illness... Read More »

How to Tell a Girl You Want a Physical Relationship?

When you want to initiate a physical relationship with a girl, it is important to communicate your desires very clearly and respectfully. You should consider aspects of your relationship, such as h... Read More »