What happens after foreclosed property is sold?

Answer Once a property has been sold at a foreclosure auction, the homeowner and purchaser of the foreclosure must follow certain criteria and guidelines. While these vary from one state to another in tim... Read More »

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What happens if a foreclosed house is not sold?

A home goes to foreclosure and is auctioned at a sheriff's sale if a homeowner cannot pay the mortgage. When a foreclosed home is not sold, the lender takes possession of the property. The lender w... Read More »

On a comm'l liability policy with 3 locations insured has had with same ins co for the last five years one property is sold insd forgets to tell ins co notices he has been paying ins premiums on sold?

Answer On Aug. 12th Insurance plus answered this question with the following: Answer In most states they only have to go back 2 years.

What is foreclosed property?

Foreclosed property is real estate that has gone through foreclosure, a legal process in which real estate becomes the property of the lender who granted the loan to the buyer.FunctionProperty fore... Read More »

How much should you offer for a foreclosed property?

Many people think that buying foreclosures is easy and that they're available for pennies on the dollar. Not usually, on both counts. Consider variables such as damage, comparative sales, competing... Read More »