What happens after a California foreclosure auction date occurs?

Answer Most of California foreclosures use the nonjudicial process, in which an appointed trustee oversees the public auction of a foreclosure property. In the period after a foreclosure auction, the bor... Read More »

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What happens after a foreclosure auction?

There are several steps involved after a foreclosure auction takes place. These post-auction steps range from the distribution of funds to the sale of the property and can vary by state.Auction Fun... Read More »

What happens after delayed foreclosure auction?

When a mortgage lender or bank forecloses on a home or other property, the next step in the process is often a foreclosure auction or sale. Foreclosure auctions can be delayed, however, by due lega... Read More »

How long do i have to move after my home is sold at a foreclosure auction?

When a home is sold at auction, the former homeowner is no longer the owner of the property. At that point in time, the occupant would be considered trespassing and could be forcibly removed by law... Read More »

What happens after a foreclosure sale?

Foreclosures can be a sticky situation for borrowers and banks. It's important for consumers to know how a foreclosure sale will effect them for many years to come.Credit ScoreAfter a bank foreclos... Read More »