What happened to the hidden comments on youtube?

Answer Unfortunately you can no longer view comments with low ratings, i agree with you that comments should not be removed just because some members of the youtube community do not agree with them.Hopefu... Read More »

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How to View Hidden MySpace Friends and Comments?

Many people in MySpace hide their friends, comments, and even both items. Such friends or comments can be viewed by using CSS codes.

What ever happened to lendegs of the hidden temple on nick?

The show has had five different hosts since 1980. The actual name for the current show is All Star Family Fortunes and is hosted by Vernon Kay. There names and dates of the hosts previous to the cu... Read More »

How to Get Comments on YouTube?

You may have some very creative Youtube videos, and you really want to get some feedback on them, but so far you don't have enough subscribers or enough people watching your videos at all to get an... Read More »

Does anyone know why the youtube comments are currently unavailable?

Yeah, it's maintenance. Most likely. It can't be anything else, really.And Emily...honestly...chinese government hacking into youtube and google? Really? Really? That's about the most ridiculous th... Read More »