What happened to the Brady Bunch in Hawaii?

Answer Bobby finds a mysterious idol, which causes the boys to have very bad luck, including a visit from a tarantula. They decide to get rid of it, and go to an ancient burial ground, where they are tied... Read More »

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On 'The Brady Bunch' Jan wasn't allergic to Tiger What was she allergic to?

What is the name of the Brady Bunch episode where Peter Brady tickles Bobby Brady half to death and why did Peter tickle his brother in the first place?

I think it's "Will the Real Jan Brady Please Stand Up?" It was the one where Jan gets a wig to stand out from the crowd. Peter is tickling Bobby to make him tell who's going to be at Lucy Winters' ... Read More »

What is the real name of Greg Brady from the show The Brady Bunch?

Did Tom Brady of the New England Patriots every play on the Brady Bunch?

Yes he did .Even though he never appeared on the show, the story was based on his family's true story.