What happened to pree mie after delivery in hospital?

Answer That is unlikely to be the cause but not impossible. Obstetricians and gynecologists recommend that women who are pregnant or intending to get pregnant should have flu shots. They have been proven ... Read More »

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Can you keep the father out of the delivery room before and after the child is born or at least until you leave the hospital?

Answer Yes, you decide who is or isn't in the delivery room. His legal rights to the child do not extend to the delivery room. However, once the baby is born, he has as much right to it as you do. ... Read More »

Why a Pregnant lady admitted for Delivery in Hospital is referred as patient by Doctors?

Good Question !!!!!Iam telling my opinion about the question you asked...... The pregnant lady admitted in Hospital... How she comes to hospital? By alone???? No...... She was admitted by her peop... Read More »

What happened to alpha neal that was put in weston state hospital?

No, I've already adopted two children in Texas and both times I had to have a background check that would have ruled me out if I would have had a felony conviction in my history...sorry.

How much should you tip a pizza delivery person WHEN YOU'VE ALREADY BEEN CHARGED A 2.00 DELIVERY FEE on order?

Screw that. Why would you tip when you are charged a delivery fee. I say a big fat ZERO. I usually try to avoid pizza places that charge delivery fees. If I do order from them then sorry the dr... Read More »