What happened to me last night?

Answer sounds like a muscle spasm or cramp, which could be caused by being cold eithier at night or during teh day, which causes you to (unconsciously) tense up. Then, when you sleep, you are relaxing an... Read More »

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What happened to my lower back last night Should I be worried?

You pulled a muscle.Do NOT - I repeat DO NOT - do your weightlifting routine until this muscle COMPLETELY HEALS.Meaning - no soreness or tenderness whatsoever. Or you could do irreparable harm to t... Read More »

What happened to interrupt the broadcast last night on dancing with the stars?

I got so pissed last night i cant remember anything!Does anyone know what happened?

Initially there was an uprising from the Oompah Loompahs, however this was quelled by some vicious Munchkin guerilla activity at the crossing of the Yellow Brick Road and Chocolate River. Sir Alex ... Read More »

Ok so last night I put 1tablespoon of nutmeg in 4ounces of water and nothing happened?

It has to be fresh nutmeg. You can buy whole, fresh nutmeg at the store. All you need to do is grind it into a powder, and make a tea from it. I wouldn't suggest it though. I did it once as an ... Read More »