What happened to little edie's hair from"grey gardens"?

Answer Little Edie is the nickname for Edith Bouvier Beale, the daughter of Edith Ewing Bouvier Beale, who was known as Big Edie. The HBO movie "Grey Gardens" was an account of their lives and close perso... Read More »

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What would happened if I dyed my hair blonde if I have red/brown hair?

No actually if you have reddish hair or even brown dying it blonde yourself will most likely turn it a orange color, go with a light brown that is a cool shade to tone down the reddish color.

What happened to my curly hair?

My curly hair only loses curl when I'm PREGNATE!Edit...NO, not Pregnant..PREGNATE!

My hair feels very dry and rough never happened before plz help!?

it is probably like that due to humidity... humidity causes frizz and dryness... i think you should leave in conditioner so it stays put together.. i wash my hair.. then apply condiitoner.. then r... Read More »

Woke up this morning with headache, empty bottle of Cuervo & some hamster hair in my mouth, wtf happened?

poor dearfluffin struck you across the head WITH the empty bottle of cuervo (you didn't drink it). the hair in your mouth, well, I'll let Fluffin tell you about that. Fluffin is alright, don't worr... Read More »