What happened to kerligirl13?

Answer Here's the TRUE full story (someone in the answers COPIED AND PASTED MY STORY, which is plagiarism and is illegal!):Jessi Slaughter...where to begin? The story behind it is that this 11 year old bl... Read More »

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If something happened to you...?

Awesome question!!Not sucking up either..I know it can be done.Afterall, I have done it.My husband passed away when our baby girl was only 5 months old.I was clueless.He made the money, he payed th... Read More »

What happened to R&P...What Happened?

I have been here in R&P since last May (2007) and during that time I have seen and been Friends with two full sets of "R&P Regs" and I can tell You with accuracy (Cause I am still friends with and ... Read More »

R&P What has happened to Y!A?

(EDITED.. added the trolling part)And I also remember when you, Rocco, Darth, and so many others got suspended. I had no idea that Sambang or Alligator Hater got suspended. Never heard of This Sent... Read More »

What has happened to my little toe!!?

No its not a corn its a chillblain!!Chilblains are red blotchy patches, usually on the toes, that may become itchy, hot and painful. They may be swollen and the skin surface may crack. In severe ca... Read More »