What happened to jj's baby and husband on criminal minds?

Answer I am pretty sure they just don't show up again in the show. :)_______

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Who plays JJ's husband on Criminal Minds?

Detective William LaMontagne Jr. is played by Josh Stewart.

What happened to agent L on criminal minds show?

The team was after a rapest/killer when they desided to use L as bait to catch him. L remembering being shot by the fisher king was panicking and when the unsub came L pulled out her gun and blew h... Read More »

Who played El on Criminal Minds and what happened to her character?

Elle was played by Lola Glaudini In Series 1 Elle is shot. Because of this experience she goes on a four-month leave to gather herself. Despite having physically recovered from the injuries she su... Read More »

What happened on the Criminal Minds episode the Liar?

Perhaps it was discontinued because of bad ratings when the producers originally intended to continue the story in a second season that never got made.