What happened to encyclopedia

Answer They've moved to another URL:http://encyclopediadramatica.seIt's working entirely yet though...

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What happened to Encyclopedia Dramatica?

I heard several things - that it got sold to ebaumsworld. I also heard that they weren't getting enough donations, and something about their nlgger and jew pages being too offensive (if you visited... Read More »

What happened to Encyclopedia Dramatica!!?

Apparently Ebaumsworld bought the domain, and ruined everything for everyone everywhere all over again.

What is Encyclopedia?

It's a large database of information regarding nearly everything, Which can be expressed in a website, Books or DVD's.Very useful and informative.

What is in an encyclopedia?

An encyclopedia is an extensive reference of research work containing articles on a variety of subjects or on numerous aspects of a particular field. Encyclopedias are alphabetized and come in mult... Read More »