What is blink detection?

Answer Blink detection, often referred to as the "blinkies" allows the photographer to view highlights within a photograph which have been blown out due to overexposure. On more advanced cameras, like dig... Read More »

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What is LED blink color?

The color the LED on your device blinks. For example, if you have a phone, like a Galaxy S3 or whatever it may be, and you plug it in to charge, the little light that lights up to let you know it's... Read More »

What happens if you blink during laser eye surgery?

What should i do if i get a zit on the inside of my eye lid ...yes it really hapned and it hurts 2 blink now?

Are you sure it isn't a sty? Sounds like one. I am getting a mental picture of Woogie in There's Something About Mary.

Skin under eye is purpleish and my eye hurts when I blink what is going on?