What happened to alpha neal that was put in weston state hospital?

Answer No, I've already adopted two children in Texas and both times I had to have a background check that would have ruled me out if I would have had a felony conviction in my history...sorry.

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When was the Weston State Hospital built?

Construction began on Weston State Hospital in 1858 and it was completely finished by 1882. The first patient was admitted in 1864. Weston was closed in 1994, but many believe that ghosts still roa... Read More »

What happened to pree mie after delivery in hospital?

That is unlikely to be the cause but not impossible. Obstetricians and gynecologists recommend that women who are pregnant or intending to get pregnant should have flu shots. They have been proven ... Read More »

I have a Sigma 70-200 DG HSM lens that will autofocus with a Sony alpha 55 but not with my Sony alpha 77 body.?

It sounds as though your lens has not been updated to work with the SLT-A77. Sigma haven't actually licensed the electronic lens interface that is a part of the Alpha mount. What they've done is ... Read More »

Poll: what is the one thing that has happened lately on a soap that really surprised you?

A 'Hot Babe', I'll have to start watching.....!!