Who played Steve on"Blues Clues"?

Answer The character of Steve on the children's television show "Blue's Clues" was played by Steve Burns. He appeared on 75 episodes from 1996 to 2003. Steve was born in Boyertown, Pennsylvania and most r... Read More »

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Why do you say blues clues is a boy and on one of the cranium questions it says blues clues is a girl?

blues clues is a boy because Joe said so in 1 episode i don't remember which 1 but it was in 1 they must be talking about magenta blues best frend now she is a girl you might want to reconsider tha... Read More »

Can blue from blues clues go to the toilet?

Who knows? I've never seen him take a bathroom break during the show.

What happened to Joe from Blue's Clues?

Some people like to say Steve (Joe's brother, and also the original host) got caught with illegal drugs, but that is false and they obviously followed the rumors. He actually went to college and st... Read More »

What are the words to the blues clues planet song?

Well the Sun's a hot star,Mercury's hot, too.Venus is the brightest planet,Earth's home to me and you.Mars is the red one,And Jupiter's most wide.Saturn's got those icy rings,And Uranus spins on it... Read More »