How old is Nick Hogan?

Answer Nick Hogan is 21 years old (birthdate: July 27, 1990).

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How much does nick hogan weigh?

No one knows but him but my guess would be around 170 because he is quite muscular and he's only 19

What happened to nick araujo?

I'm assuming you're talking about the Nick Araujo from What Not to Wear (how many others are there? haha) And he still works at his studio, hair studio, somewhere in New York. Soooo expensive!

What ever happened to lendegs of the hidden temple on nick?

The show has had five different hosts since 1980. The actual name for the current show is All Star Family Fortunes and is hosted by Vernon Kay. There names and dates of the hosts previous to the cu... Read More »

What happened to the MG TA that Nick Berry drove in Heartbeat after filming?

It ended up as scrap metal because the car wasn't actually used as a real car. A friend of mine was an extra on the series and he told me that.