What happened to Liz Claman?

Answer Liz Claman, who made a name for herself as a CNBC anchor, joined Fox Business for its launch in October 2007, where she anchors several programs that are mainly business-oriented.Changing channelsC... Read More »

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What happened to R&P...What Happened?

I have been here in R&P since last May (2007) and during that time I have seen and been Friends with two full sets of "R&P Regs" and I can tell You with accuracy (Cause I am still friends with and ... Read More »

If something happened to you...?

Awesome question!!Not sucking up either..I know it can be done.Afterall, I have done it.My husband passed away when our baby girl was only 5 months old.I was clueless.He made the money, he payed th... Read More »

Has this ever happened to you?

Like you are falling or something and you kinda jump/jerk up?I'm not sure if that is what you are talking about.. but.. I've had that happen before. I'll like dream like I'm falling.. but I think t... Read More »

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