What happened to Encyclopedia Dramatica?

Answer I heard several things - that it got sold to ebaumsworld. I also heard that they weren't getting enough donations, and something about their nlgger and jew pages being too offensive (if you visited... Read More »

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What happened to encyclopedia

They've moved to another URL:http://encyclopediadramatica.seIt's working entirely yet though...

What happened to Encyclopedia Dramatica!!?

Apparently Ebaumsworld bought the domain, and ruined everything for everyone everywhere all over again.

What is Encyclopedia Dramatica?

Unfortunately, you can't live in it, as Encyclopedia Dramatica WAS a wiki, but no longer exists. It was a humourous wiki, and you can find the Wikipedia article at Read More »

What is on encyclopedia dramatica offended?

It's a gallery of different shock images ranging from scat (poop play) to anal stretching to gore. You can find it by going here and typing "offended" (without the quotes) in the search bar on the ... Read More »