What is a brad nail gun?

Answer A brad nail gun is an electric or pneumatic power tool that is used to drive small nails, known as brads, into wood products during the finishing process of a construction

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What is a brad nail?

A brad nail is a small nail with a rounded head that can be up to 1 inch long and designed to be unseen in the completed product. It is typically used in the finishing process of the construction o... Read More »

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What is a brad paper fastener?

A brad paper fastener is made out of metal or brass and is used to hold paper together. It has a circular end with two arms coming out of it. The arms are put through a hole in paper and then bent ... Read More »

What is a brad nailer used for?

Brad nailers are a handy tool to keep in the shed. Whether air- or electric-powered, brad nailers save their users time, money and energy when it comes to various projects.Nailing TrimWhen working ... Read More »