On NCIS who is Special Agent Gibbs's daughter?

Answer kelly and his wife's name is shannon Gibbs at the moment is a widower / 3 time divorce because kelly and shannon where murdered

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What does an NCIS agent do?

The links below will bring you to the official NCIS website pages that explain what NCIS does and what a NCIS special agent does.

What happened on tonight's episode of "NCIS"?

Tonight, the new director of the Mossad, a woman, made an appearance. She claims to want to help find Eli David's killer. All she is doing is lying to Gibbs and Director Vance. Tony and Ziva went a... Read More »

What happened on the last episode of NCIS?

Season 6 episode "Aliyah". Tony killed Micheal Rivkin(Ziva's boyfriend) and Ziva is ticed at Tony and she leaves to go to Israel, where she is captured and tortured.

Who is the blond agent on ncis los angeles on last tue night?

That would be detective Marty Deeks from LAPD or Agent Girodonno(sp.)from u.s. treasury