What happened in the nineteen hundreds with the dishwasher?

Answer First, it is very important to keep safety in mind when using any electrical appliance for sexual gratification.Use this method sparingly, once a week or less.Never insert any body parts directly i... Read More »

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Will someone please tell me the point of having hundreds and hundreds of Facebook friends?

There's no real point, other than what the previous answerers have stated. The term "friend" is subjective. But I know there's a true, objective definition to the word friend, and in the case of so... Read More »

What movie simulated weightlessness with hundreds of parabolic flights on nasa's kc-135 airplane?

Is it slutty to be nineteen and have slept with 5 or 6 guys?

Kaylana speaking::Yes - but would it be slutty for a guy who is 18 and has slept with over 14 girls in the last two months? No. It wouldn't. Crazy huh? Girls can't get away with it - but guys can?

Can adoptive grandparents force a nineteen year old to move with them out of state?