What happened in Sherlock series 2 finale?

Answer Personally I would say the BBC because there are no adverts and mainly better programmes except for Benidorm which I love that comes on ITV1

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What happened to Sherlock Holmes in the last book?

The last published story was 'The Adventure of Shoscombe Old Place,' which appeared in 1927. In it, Holmes uncovers the scheme of a man who delays reporting of the death of his benefactor in order ... Read More »

What happened in the Will and Grace finale?

In a nutshell... Will and Grace realize their lives are moving in opposite directions, they drift apart and stop talking altogether. In their separate homes, Grace talks to Leo and Will talks to V... Read More »

What happened to Sherlock Holmes after the cliffhanger ending of season 1?

If you are talking about the one set in modern day, here are some of them: Sherlock Holmes - Benedict Cumberbatch John Watson - Martin Freeman Mycroft Holmes - Mark Gatiss Jim Moriarty - Andrew ... Read More »

What happened on the season finale of No Ordinary Family?

Season 1 episode 20, No Ordinary Beginning.Aired on Tuesday April 5,2011Mrs. X kidnaps J.J. and forces him to solve an enigma; Joshua and Katie reconnect; George is held prisoner on a plane that sp... Read More »