What happened to me yesterday?

Answer Probably anxiety attack. Your only 15 no need to be so stressed about the breakup. You were probably to good for her anyway!

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I am having a hard time getting over what happened yesterday in Boston?

Pray that's the only answer I can give ya

My computer wasn't working yesterday so I had no Facebook, and I had withdrawal. Has that happened to you?

Sorry ,but i have never seen that on my account ,but still send them ur friend requests .That incidence happened to my friend .let me tell u this ,the problem is that someone or most of ur friend w... Read More »

Yesterday a car drove through my hedges and fence and landed in my front yard.Has this ever happened too you?

Sound like you & the others ARE very,very Lucky,,,I can't say this has happened to me ,,,But this scenario seems to be played out more & more lately,,,Who's to blame??,,,OR What's to blame,,,The pe... Read More »

If Israel unilaterally attacks Iran and Iran responds by declaring war on Israel do USA-Israel accords obligate the USA to declare war on Iran?

Answer 1 The US must do whatever Israel tells it to do. Answer 2 The United States is not obligated by any standing treaty between the United States and Israel to intercede in Israel's defense. To ... Read More »