What happened during the fall of Da Nang?

Answer With the disintegration of the South Vietnamese army (ARVN), North Vietnam's forces (PAVN) quickly captured Da Nang with little resistance in 1975. The fall of Da Nang put Saigon in easy reach, ens... Read More »

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What happened when violet seeds fall into soft soil?

they will most likely germinate and start new plants

What happened in Montevideo, Uruguay, during 1939?

On December 13, 1939, the German warship Admiral Graf Spee encountered British and New Zealand battleships off the coast of Montevideo. The ensuing battle, known as the Battle of the River Plate, t... Read More »

Something weird happened during sex, what was it Read?

As he thrust in(sounds harsh sorry.) air was pushed up the vaginal canal and had to come out, thus the fart..simple as that.

What Happened During the Oregon Boundary Agreement?

During the 19th century, many Americans believed it was the nation's "Manifest Destiny" to expand its territory across the North American continent. By the 1840s, this belief had the country on the... Read More »