What happends when you mix oxycodone & tylenol together?

Answer Not at all. The 2 are frequently mixed together in brand names like percoset, norco, etc. The Tylenol is actually more dangerous than the Oxy.If your Oxy prescription says Oxycodone, it DOES NOT ha... Read More »

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What happends when your high?

Sounds like your reason is boredom. The number one reason people do drugs is to have something interesting to do... oh and to get "****** up"

What happends when you have too much potassium?

Usually having "too much potassium" in your bloodstream (hyperkalemia) will give you no symptoms, however some people may experience nausea, irregular heartbeat, or feeling tired/weak. However many... Read More »

Can you take Benadryl and Tylenol PM together?

this isn't a question you should not ask here because i could tell you the wrong answer and it could kill you. I would call the local 24 hour pharmacy and ask a pro

Can you take aleve and tylenol together?

My pharmacist told me that one CAN take Aleve and Tylenol together because they are different preparations, and they CAN work synergistically to (1) reduce inflammation [Aleve] and (2) relieve pai... Read More »