What happends to womens perineum during childbirth?

Answer Some women can have an intact perineumSome women can tear (ranging from a small laceration to a large tear)Some women need to have their perineum cut (this is called an episiotomy)

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Can you get hemorrhoids on your perineum?

Hi That is exactly where you get them (if they are external). Learn all you need about symptoms and different treatment options at http://hemorrhoidscentral. net Hope this helps, Arnaldo

Why does your 5 year old have a pin size hole in her perineum?

I think the colors are red and white but i am not sure?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Seriously: I think I tore my perineum, or at least injured it. How long does it take for it to heal?

Wow. Did you take any pictures of your chocolate mud babby? *hands you a cigar and some stool softener*Seriously, a hot bath with an entire box of epsom salts in it would probably do you a lot of g... Read More »

What happends when you have too much potassium?

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