What happen to radio stations on-air today?

Answer Its called getting older. Radio hasn't changed that much...we have.

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What happen whit the videos of the BBC in 1986 in the british history?

I stepped on a nail today --- What would happen if I left it untreated?

You need to go have a tetanus shot. Tetanus is a nerve condition that occurs when humans become infected with a bacteria commonly found in the environment known as Clostridium tetani. Tetanus com... Read More »

Can a military draft happen today?

It is very unlikely, because even if your country was under attack. Congress would have to meet about it and pass it.

Did something exciting happen to you today?

Happy Monday to you Zebra....this is so exciting , I can hardly contain myself. They delivered our new ride on John Deere D-140 lawn mower yesterday. It was raining all day yesterday. But, today I ... Read More »