What happen to Canon SD850 IS camera?

Answer The print head assembly holds the ink jet tanks. The INPUT to this assembly are a) the ink from the tanks, and b) the signals from the computer.The piezo controlled ink jet nozzles of the print hea... Read More »

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Is a sony pro duo 4 mb memory stick compatible with a canon sd850 camera?

No. A Canon SD850 camera takes an SD chip, which is not compatible with any of Sony's memory sticks.

What camera do you think is better; the Canon PowerShot SD850 or the Canon PowerShot SD870?

I think the 870 is better.I bought the 850 3 months ago and I'm going to get the 870 ASAP. The side scrolling wheel on the 850 is ackward to turn. Also, the 850 has a viewfinder and the 870 doesn't... Read More »

Does the Canon SD850 IS SD work with SDHC?

Yes, the Canon Powershot SD850 IS does work with SDHC memory cards. The camera also uses standard SD memory cards and multimedia cards as well. The camera comes equipped with an 8-megapixel CCD sen... Read More »

Will the zoom lens from your Canon SLR camera work on a Canon digital camera?

In short, yes.More specifically, as long your zoom lens is an "EF" mount lens, it will work with all Canon Digital-SLR models from the EOS line. You can determine if a lens is an EF mount from the ... Read More »