What happen if eat raw cockles while pregnant?

Answer Its a good idea to stay clear of all shellfish especially raw when pregnant and breatsfeeding as they carry harmful bacteria which can damage you and your child. Although cooked shellfish and seafo... Read More »

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What could happen if you eat soft cheese while pregnant?

Answer Soft cheeses are more likely to be made with unpasteurized milk than hard cheeses and are therefore much more likely to carry harmful bacteria, especially listeria, which can have serious e... Read More »

What would happen if you were to be hit in the stomach while pregnant?

Answer It could cause damage to your unborn child. Some women's babies have died due to them (the mother) being hit in the stomach while pregnant.

If you douche twice while pregnant what would happen?

Answer My doctor has informed me that douching anytime even when you are not pregnant is not good for you. It is something that women done a long time ago & mothers taught their daughters. There is... Read More »

Does every pregnant woman's basal body temperature go up or is this just one thing that can happen while pregnant?

Answer It is standard. Your basal temperature initially lowers to indicate you are ovulating. A spike in temperature during the middle of your cycle indicates that you have finished ovulating.When ... Read More »