What happen if baby hit the head and fell asleep few minutes later?

Answer The brain was stressed and caused a protective mode of the body functions to slow down to attempt it's own repair. This made the child sleep. As we all know, serious damage must be repaired by expe... Read More »

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My Baby Girl Was Suffocated When Her Dad Fell Asleep W/Her.Has This Happened To Anyone I can't Cope!! Help!!?

Dear lady, after reading this I am weeping with you! This is really tragic. But I do not think it was your husband's fault and it could have happened to anyone in your situation. Parents are tired ... Read More »

What should you do if your 8 months old baby fell down and his head bumps to ground?

Answer given the fact that none of us are with you and baby to evaluate the severity, i would STRONGLY reccommend that you use mother instincts (is baby crying more than usual when he/she falls). ... Read More »

Baby fell off bed and hit her head several hours later she still has a huge red spot on her forehead i don't know if i am just being to worried or if i should go ahead and take her to the hospital.?

Get her checked by your local doctor and follow the doctor's recommendations.GET MEDICAL ATTENTION IMMEDIATELY

What if you drop a baby on its head what will happen?