What handheld monopod can i use for my gopro hero camera?

Answer has the answer for you. GoScope is a collapsible monopod for use with the Go Pro Hero HD video camera. It is super light-weight and durable. GoScope collapses from 34.5" down to 18". T... Read More »

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Whats the difference between the gopro original camera and the gopro hero hd2?

Is the gopro hero camera the best camera for its price or are there competitors that have better cameras?

There are many cameras that do similar things that the GoPro line can do, however, the GoPro is unique in one very important respect. It comes with an almost indestructible, waterproof housing that... Read More »

Is a gopro hero 3 the best mounted camera you can buy?

It depends what you mean by "best", and what you're going to use it for. The GoPro Hero3 Black has the best optical specifications, but if you don't need to go that advanced then actually the Drift... Read More »

Camera: GoPro hero 3 silver?

Bike mounts work well on hiking poles (I wrap duct-tape where I attach the mount just to bulk up the diameter a bit).With the camera on a pole, you can attach the pole to a backpack, hold it steady... Read More »