What hand does a woman wear a wedding ring?

Answer Traditionally, women wear their wedding rings on the left hand, fourth finger. The left ring finger is said to be the finger closest to the heart. The wedding band is worn underneath the engagement... Read More »

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What hand does the groom wear the wedding ring on?

According to, men in America, France, United Kingdom and Sweden typically wear the wedding ring on the left hand. This originated from the theory that one vein connects the left rin... Read More »

Which hand does a man wear his wedding ring on?

A man wears his wedding ring, or band, on the ring finger of his left hand, same as a woman, as this is considered to be the finger closest to the heart. The ring finger is the finger next to the p... Read More »

What hand does a guy wear a thumb ring on?

Men who would like to wear thumb rings can wear them on either thumb without being stereotyped. Thumb rings do not have symbolic meaning. They are used in archery. Archers wear the thumb ring on th... Read More »

What does it mean when you wear a ring on your right-hand pinkie?

If you are wearing a ring on your right-hand pinkie, it means you are celebrating independence and happiness. Both married and single women wear right-hand rings, and the target demographic for the... Read More »