What hand do you wear a promise ring on?

Answer If the promise ring was given as a commitment to marriage in the future, it should be worn on the left hand engagement finger until it is replaced by an engagement ring. This is also true if the ri... Read More »

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Which hand is a promise ring supposed to go on?

A promise ring is worn on the left hand. However, some people chose to wear promise rings on the right hand to avoid the ring being mistaken for an engagement ring.Source:Kai Jewels: What is the Hi... Read More »

What hand do I wear my CTR ring on?

The CTR ring is worn on the right hand of both males and females. CTR stands for "Choose The Right," and is a foundation for the beliefs taught in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (L... Read More »

What hand do you wear an anniversary ring on?

You can wear an anniversary ring on either hand. If you wear it as part of your wedding set on your left hand ring finger, you should wear the anniversary ring on the bottom, your engagement ring a... Read More »

What hand does a guy wear a thumb ring on?

Men who would like to wear thumb rings can wear them on either thumb without being stereotyped. Thumb rings do not have symbolic meaning. They are used in archery. Archers wear the thumb ring on th... Read More »