What hair colour goes with dark black eyes and really pale skin?

Answer Definitely get it done professionally. However, once your hair is lightened it won't fade back to dark, you'll have to grow it all out again. Peekaboo bangs would look nifty! I loved when I had those.

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How to Make Blue Eyes Stand out if You Have Dark Hair and Pale Skin?

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Is this dress suitable for pale skin, blue eyes, and dark hair girl?

That color is perfect but I think I like the A-line Tea-length Strapless Dress more....but if you like the first one better, go with that! Both so cute

What colour eyeshadow suits blue eyes with pale skin?

silver but not one of those liquid things, just a very soft powder.

Best Hair Color for Hazel Eyes and Pale Skin?

The color of your eyes and skin must figure into what works well for hair color. Individuals who have hazel eyes fit into two broad categories. Some have coloring referred to by aestheticians as fi... Read More »