What hair color would look best on me?

Answer The blonde colour you have in the first two photos is really nice! I think your dad may be right! Stick to blondes you have the right complexion for it :)

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What color dip dye would look best with light brown hair?

A light/medium colour blue would look nice. Maybe also purple or red. Definitely not green or yellow though, as it would wash out the light brown. I hope that I helped.

What hair color would look best on people with green eyes?

On One Hand: Dark Skin TonesGreen eyes and dark skin look best with darker tones of hair color. Dark brown, black, and caramel-colored highlights bring out the color of green eyes without washing o... Read More »

What color hair dye would look good on me ?

The hair color you're born with.Permanent black hair dye is linked to causing leukemia and lymphomas.

What color highlights would look good in my hair?

On One Hand: Not So NaturalHighlights that stand out contrast greatly with the natural color of your hair. If your hair is black, for instance, then a blond, white or light brown highlight would be... Read More »