What hair color won't wash out my fair complexion?

Answer On One Hand: Try Blond HairIf you're one of "the fairest of them all," your complexion most likely has a cool undertone. You can pull off many shades of blond without looking washed out or boring. ... Read More »

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What Hair Colors Are Good for People With a Fair Complexion?

The most important consideration in choosing hair color is not the overall lightness or darkness of your skin, but the underlying tone of your complexion. Tone is used to describe the coolness or w... Read More »

How to Choose Hair Highlights for a Fair Complexion?

Choosing the perfect shade of highlights for your complexion can be quite the hair-raising ordeal. Fair complexions are especially difficult to deal with, since it's easy to overwhelm milky or porc... Read More »

What color hair looks best with a pink underlying complexion?

On One Hand: Warm tonesExamine your hair under the light to see the current color. A warm tone would be a mix of bright reds, plums or eggplant colors that may drain your complexion of vitality. Ev... Read More »

The Best Hair Color for an Olive Complexion?

Celebrate the beauty of an olive skin tone by accentuating it with the proper hair color. An olive skin complexion is considered a cool tone, therefore choosing cool hues will work best for you. Al... Read More »