What guy Superglues a bandana (or bandage) onto his hand?

Answer Sounds like an idiot. If you try to take that off the superglue is just going to tear open the wound again.

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What is done to prevent a bandage from shifting in place when applying an emergency bandage to the head?

Wrap the bandage at least once underneath the chin and back around the head to keep it in place.

Cut my hand on a rusted fence not deep at all washed it right away with soap and water but did not but bandage?

you need to apply an antibiotic ointment and a bandaid. Also, be sure you are current with your tetanus shot.You need the band aid to protect the wound until it totally closes.

What size is a dog bandana?

A dog bandana varies in size, depending on the breed. A small bandana for a Yorkshire terrier may have a fit of 6 inches at the neck. A Saint Bernard would require an extra-large bandana, which has... Read More »

What do purple bandana mean?